Levy & Co.

The Private Group Levy & Co. offers niche alternative investments based on diamonds. With us, you will be able to multiply your assets and secure them for yourself and for generations to follow. The deposits we offer, allow obtaining high and regular revenues in medium and long term.

Our offer is personalized, and due to its uniqueness and wide scope, depending on the financial resources and needs of the client, it may be additionally profiled.



Our offer is based on a number of operating strategies performed by the Group Levy & Co. On one hand, it is the refinement of rough diamonds and the sale of polished stones at a higher price, which results directly from the increase in their value during the refining process. On the other hand, it is a continuation of the aforementioned process and an increase in profitability through the retention of polished diamonds in a given investment period. At a later stage, there is also the use of additional mechanisms and capacities the Group Levy & Co. holds in this sector, raising profitability, for instance by crafting the highest quality jewellery.


Family Office

The Group Levy & Co. will also look after the property succession of your family, so as to increase family fortune and pass it on safely from generation to generation.

We also offer many other services connected to the Family Office formula, including unique opportunities to obtain Swiss citizenship, planning your children education in the most renowned Swiss schools and higher learning institutions, obtaining internships in the best and most prestigious Swiss companies, as well as in international institutions and organisations with headquarters in Switzerland.